At Astrum Commercial Cleaning we are committed to providing great office cleaning solutions for all of our clients in Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby and the surrounding areas.  What are the challenges that face us in keeping your premises spotlessly clean and the envy of all?

Nobody wants to work in an unclean office environment, and there are rules and regulations that employers must follow to promote and improve the standards of health, safety and welfare in the workplace.  This means some serious cleaning needs to be done every night, when office staff have gone home.  

Employing top quality cleaning staff is our priority, but we also consider that some companies are looking for first-rate yet cost effective solutions.  How can Astrum Commercial Cleaning help keep your premises in pristine condition, but keep the cost down?  

The solution - our intelligent office cleaning system, the future of cleaning is here with robotic vacuum cleaners!  

The robotic vacuum cleaner is programmed to do the job, meaning less human intervention.  They are extremely thorough and yet quiet, and a robot will vacuum all floor areas, some which may normally be overlooked.  Our robots can’t see the bits that we do, so they will cover the floor space that they are programmed to do regardless of how it looks.  

We can set our robots to run overnight making it not only a convenient office cleaning solution, but also an extremely cost effective one!  They require little storage space as they are far more compact than conventional upright vacuum cleaners, and the robots that we use can return to their base to recharge ready for the next clean.

Like to know more about our intelligent cleaning service?  If you are a forward-thinking company in the Midlands, searching for exceptional standards of office cleaning, you can trust Astrum Commercial Cleaning to get the job done.  Give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call to discuss your office cleaning requirements today.