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Client Case Studies

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Client Case Studies

Trusted by businesses throughout the Midlands to provide exceptional cleaning services, here are some case studies from a few of our valued clients.

Sir Paul Smith started his career in a Nottingham clothing warehouse. Paul Smith is now a global phenomenon. His collections are designed in Nottingham and London before being wholesaled to 35 countries and shops around the world.

One of our Business Development Managers Natasha met with the facilities team at the Nottingham Head Office, the team were very unhappy with the current service they had in place.

  • The Facilities Team was receiving a lot of complaints about the cleaning from internal staff
  • The standards were way below expectations
  • The FM team spoke to the incumbent many times but were made to feel like they were in the wrong to expect a better service than they were receiving

After meeting with the FM team and conducting a site survey Natasha determined that the current hours contracted were more than enough to ensure the cleaning should be at the standard expected.

The main problem seemed to be the management of the cleaning staff on site and the lack of a strong site supervisor.

Astrum was awarded the contract and the priority was to meet with the current staff to ensure a smooth TUPE transfer. Astrum’s Account Manager for Nottingham Majella along with Contract Manager Kasia, dealt with all the TUPE, determined what roles needed to be filled and identified where training needed to be delivered. They placed an experienced site supervisor on site as well as an extra resource in the first week to raise standards.

The cleaning team embraced the training and they worked hard to improve their standards. They responded well to the support, training, and management that Astrum provided and continue with a positive outlook and take pride in their work.

  • It took several weeks to reach the level expected, the customer however stated that after just one day they could see a big difference in the cleaning.
  • TUPE issues were resolved with minimum disruption to business.
  • The improved service has been noticed throughout the business and the FM team is no longer receiving daily complaints about the cleaning.

Resonate, design, develop and deploy digital railway and connected transport solutions. They have a powerful digital platform combined with a highly skilled team delivering the best solutions for signalling control, traffic management, operations management, and customer experience.

Natasha visited Resonate and established the following:

  • The relationship with the incumbent cleaning company had been soured
  • Resonate were more than happy with their cleaning team but not happy at how the staff were treated by the incumbent cleaning company
  • As an innovative company Resonate were looking for a service partner who shared their vision and values

Astrum holds a BBR meeting (building better relationships) to discuss the previous weeks reviews, highlights, and any problems that may occur on our customer sites. This means that any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently, ensuring that relationships with our customers are strong, supportive, and always positive.

Costs were not the customer’s main concern and as Astrum are an accredited Living wage company we were already in line with the customer’s values. Our staff are our most important asset, both Finnian and Simon (company directors) have visited the site not only to meet the customer but to meet the staff providing the service.

We are always looking at new innovations, investment in CRM allows us to provide management information on:

  • Online schedule of periodic work, audit trail of completed work
  • Permanent record of any complaints, an audit trail of how they were dealt with
  • H&S information, audits results, PAT testing, and staff training
  • This enables us to accurately record and manage the performance of our managers and supervisors

Resonate were particularly interested in the Robot Assisted Vacuums, not to replace cleaners but to assist where needed.

We partner with The Perfect Little Company who provide Robot Assisted Cleaners.

The Robots “Abbee” is a high-performance robotic vacuum. Our staff set up Abbee with a cleaning schedule and let her get on with it, quietly and effectively.

Resonate saw a smooth transition from their incumbent to Astrum and are delighted that the cleaning team are happy and well supported.

Ricardo is a global strategic engineering and environmental consultancy that specialises in the transport, energy, and scarce resources sectors.

There were three areas that were of serious concern:

  • The standard of cleaning was poor, dust covered most of the flat surfaces and there was an obvious lack of attention to detail.
  • At the main reception, the first point of call for all visitors, the floors looked dirty and dust bunnies lingered in the corners, not giving the right impression to the many important visitors to site.
  • There never seemed to be a full complement of staff and any sickness or holidays were never covered.

Astrum was awarded the contract and provided the following solution:

  • Our unique 7 steps cleaning system was installed to improve the standards and ensure consistency of cleaning across the site.
  • Our Traffic Lights Quality checking system was introduced, ensuring that the visitor areas are routinely checked, giving confidence that all areas will be to standard.
  • The contracts manager ensures that sickness is managed to have the minimum impact, and staff are asked to attend back-to-work reviews to enable us to provide support where needed, which in turn helps reduce the level of sickness. Astrum manages the holiday, so staff are not off at the same time and our infrastructure ensures that sickness and holiday are covered.

The customer is delighted with Astrum’s response to their cleaning problems and has noticed a huge difference in the standards and the management of the cleaners.

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