Astrum Commercial Cleaning are honoured to feature in the annual Parliamentary Review.  The Review is released annually and gives local businesses, SMEs and large multinationals across the UK a platform to share best practices and concerns, it also recognises great performance within a given industry.

Researchers for the Review seek out the most interesting and effective companies who are willing to share their knowledge in the hope of raising standards within their category.  The review is indispensable guide to demonstrate how sector leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment.  

The Parliamentary Review has several editions, each focusing on an individual policy area and over 500,000 leading business executives, policy makers and other relevant individuals receive a copy, which in recent years has featured forewords by lead political figures.

This year’s release of the Review is marked by an annual gala in the Palace of Westminster on the 4th September and Astrum Commercial Cleaners Directors Finnian Brown and Simon Jevons will attend.  When setting up Astrum in 1995 they were sure they could improve on the standard of cleaning services that many companies provided.

Both Finnian and Simon saw that many companies were getting a mediocre cleaning service with no management visits, un-returned telephone calls, untrained operatives and a complete absence of communication, they were certain that they could do a better job.  

A recent rebrand of the company allowed Astrum’s management team to ascertain and focus on the strengths of their business, with the primary feedback from their customers praising their responsiveness. As Astrum has expanded, they have endeavoured to maintain their community feel and have designed a series of projects to support that.  

Astrum Commercial Cleaning are keen to remain a dedicated cleaning company.  Whilst cleaning doesn’t quite have the glamour of a high-tech start-up company, it really does matter when it goes wrong.  Commercial cleaning services can be seen as invisible and trivial until it’s done poorly – then it becomes extremely relevant and important.

Covering the Midlands Astrum Commercial cleaning have decided to keep their geographical coverage here, placing them right at the centre of their territory.  Astrum currently employ nearly 800 cleaning staff and have a management team of around 20.

Like to know more about the cleaning services that Astrum offer?  If you are based in the Midlands and you are searching for exceptional standards of office cleaning, you can trust Astrum Commercial Cleaning to get the job done.  Give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call to discuss your office cleaning requirements today.