As an office manager, head teacher or business owner, it’s safe to say that after a long day at work, the task of cleaning a commercial premises isn’t something you’ll have the time or energy to complete, not when there are professional companies out there with the skill and professional resource to do it on your behalf, and to a far better standard.

Like it or not, there are some tasks that are best left to the professionals. Here we discuss the 5 cleaning roles that only a commercial cleaning company can fulfil to a professional standard:

1) Deep Cleaning

In addition to your day-to-day clean, a thorough, deep cleaning service should be actioned on a quarterly basis to combat germs, protect your facilities and promote a healthier workforce. Such a service will require the use of specialist equipment.

A lot can be attained from a deep clean, which is why it shouldn’t be a last thought, but more of a planned and periodic investment for your business. Benefit from deep cleaning services such as the cleaning of skirting boards, removal of mildew or limescale, and chairs being vacuumed or wiped.

2) Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

By approaching a commercial cleaning company, you’re able to benefit from the latest carpet cleaning technology, where you not only gain pristine carpets in record timing, but prolong the life of your carpets too. Dry FusionTM revolutionary technology is a highly recommended service and one that is only offered via professional, commercial cleaning with highly trained staff to facilitate it. This provides a much more efficient scenario than hiring a carpet cleaning machine, which can often cause further damage in inexperienced hands.

3) Specialist Cleaning

Specialist cleaning covers a range of services that require the use of specialist equipment and highly skilled personnel. These include; high level cleaning, industrial cleaning, pressure washing, and hard floor cleaning to name but a few…

High Level Cleaning

Just as the inside of a building should be cleaned, the outside requires attention too, and it’s here that high level cleaning provides the utmost convenience. Windows can be tricky to access and therefore provide a number of challenges, particularly when needing a cleaner to work at heights.

In such situations, a risk assessment will be required followed by a decision on the determined approach based on the specific requirements of your building. With a commercial cleaning company, they’ll possess the right expertise with a fully trained working at heights team, helping to deliver a safe and efficient cleaning service that’s environmentally compliant too.

Industrial Cleaning

When it comes to industrial cleaning you’ll find a commercial cleaning company are better equipped to provide a flexible cleaning approach, in order to accommodate the unique requirements of your site. Be it daily pressure cleaning of floors to deep cleans of ventilation ducts, conveyor belts or machinery plant; help is at hand with a professional service provider.

4)  Mass-Scale Cleaning

When you consider the sheer size of your premises, the standard of cleaning required, and the quantity of cleaning products necessary, undertaking such a large scale role in-house simple isn’t feasible.

For starters, if you’re not trained, then there’s the sheer lack of resource, and finally, the large quantity of time and energy taken up, all of which can be avoided by approaching a commercial cleaning provider.

A cleaning provider can ensure professional cleaning on a large scale that’s consistent by allocating the relevant number of personnel to provide a fast and efficient service.

5) Washroom Cleaning

Not only will a professional cleaning provider help to keep your facilities hygienic, they can also supply a full range of washroom consumables from liquid soap, toilet rolls and paper towels to bin liners, dispensers and air fresheners. Their service will usually extend to sanitary and sharps disposal too if required.

Why Choose Astrum Commercial Cleaning as your Cleaning Provider?

With over 500+ employees, and covering in excess of 200 sites across the East and West Midlands, Astrum Commercial Cleaning provides a personal and responsive service with over 20 years of experience in the field. For more information on the range of cleaning services we provide, contact us today.