Astrum Commercial Cleaning understands that an orderly workplace, be it an office or other commercial premises is paramount to the day to day running of your business.  If your offices are cleaned to a high standard they are a source of pride, you’re providing a winning environment for your staff, and you are getting a supreme cleaning service for your money.

When there is a problem however you want to know how your cleaning provider is going to improve the service they offer and the steps put in place to do this.  Astrum Commercial Cleaning understand the need for comprehensive office cleaning but also realise that customers are looking for value for money and diligent cleaning staff.  

One of the systems that we use to improve the cleaning service we offer is the work monitoring tool eziTracker.

eziTracker is an indispensable tool used when staff work on their own at remote locations, and is perfect for cleaning companies.  Registered staff login and logout of eziTracker when they arrive and depart from client premises, enabling authorised managers to see the attendance details of all their remote working staff at every registered site, online, and in real time. Bespoke attendance reports showing required key performance indicators can be produced as needed, ensuring that you know that cleaning staff are making every minute of your time count.

There are key benefits to using a workforce monitoring system, improving the service that we provide to our customers which include the following:

  • Improved service delivery - eziTracker helps prevent service breakdown by alerting Astrum management to any “no-shows”, therefore we can ensure that replacement cleaning staff are contacted immediately.
  • Reporting actual hours attended to ensure that there are no discrepancies when billing.
  • Reduced administration costs for us – which we can then pass onto our customers
  • Improved safeguards for lone-working staff – keeping our staff safe and giving you peace of mind

At Astrum we believe that using the eziTracker helps improve our cleaning performance and benefits our customers financially by managing remote working staff more effectively.

For more information on how the eziTracker service works, please visit the website.

Like to know more about the cleaning services that Astrum offer?  If you are based in Birmingham and you are searching for exceptional standards of office cleaning, you can trust Astrum Commercial Cleaning to get the job done.  Give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call to discuss your office cleaning requirements today.