How Clean Is your Office Really?

Choosing the right office cleaning company for your workplace isn’t always going to be as easy as you anticipated, but every reputable cleaning company should possess the basic requisites:

  • a vast level of experience in the industry
  • relevant training accreditations
  • modern and professional equipment
  • approved cleaning products
  • demonstrate reliability ensuring your contract obligations are fulfilled
  • maintain a high standard of cleanliness

Possessing each of the fundamentals above means gaining routine cleaning of shared contact points and communal areas at industry standard, in order to maintain a high level of cleanliness and minimise the risk of infection through germ control.

Bacteria and Viruses in the Workplace

Enclosed environments, such as offices, where people work in close proximity, are at a higher risk of the spread of germs. Door handles harbour thousands of germs, not to mention desk spaces including keyboards and telephones within a commercial environment, so how do you help banish such bacteria in the workplace?

Preventing Infection in the Workplace

1) Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance

According to health authorities, up to 80% of germs are spread by our hands and transmission can happen either through personal contact or by touching contaminated surfaces. However challenging, this problem is best approached by implementing hand hygiene compliance.

To improve hygiene and implement germ control in the workplace, many businesses are now introducing hand hygiene compliance which includes the distribution of cleansing restroom products and alcohol hand sanitisers amongst colleagues.

2) Educating your Workforce

The savings associated with infection prevention programmes can be significant for companies and are becoming an essential part of a proactive strategy for UK businesses seeking a germ-controlled environment.

Infection prevention programmes often include educational and audit support, and are recommended in all workplaces. They feature awareness materials to encourage good hygiene practice amongst colleagues, from training sessions to instructional multimedia programmes, safety signs, posters and more.

Encouraging staff to frequently clean their own desks as a result of watching educational material on the fast spread of bacteria and detrimental effects it can have, can prove to be extremely beneficial to germ control.

3) Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

By hiring a professional cleaning company, you can ensure that offices, refuse areas, kitchens and restrooms are regularly cleaned at industry standard. As well as benefitting from a frequent, reliable and professional standard of cleaning throughout your business premises.

Specialist surface cleaners give long-lasting protection of surfaces against reinfection, and cleaning service providers can deliver such products, ideal for commercial environments. They can also help to ensure regular, thorough surface cleaning takes place in all communal areas and desk spaces.

It is recommended that workplaces are professionally deep cleaned at least twice a year to prevent the build-up of hidden embedded dirt and contamination, something a cleaning contractor could offer to do on your behalf.

Astrum Commercial Cleaning Can Help

Hiring a professional cleaning service is the most obvious step to take in the fight against office grime. They can provide expertise, fully trained staff and top quality products and equipment to ensure your workplace is as clean as possible.

For more information about the services you can gain, contact Astrum Commercial Cleaning today.