How to eradicate Norovirus from your School


The winter vomiting bug ‘The Norovirus’ is back!  This common sickness & diarrhoea virus is very infectious resulting in Primary Schools closing as a result. Naturally, everyone wants to protect their pupils from exposure to germs and bacteria which can easily put a child’s health at risk. A Clean School is important for staff, pupils and parents as it creates a comfortable, hygienic environment for learning. It also creates a good impression for visitors and allows pupils to take pride in their environment.

How can you stop it spreading?

  • Get everyone to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly with soap & water and dry them properl.
  • Sanitise all touch points and surfaces.
  • Ensure infected persons stay away from school, for at least 48 hours.

You should also carry out a Deep Clean to remove all types of viral and bacterial infection.  For example:

  • High level of cleaning to all walls, cupboard tops, doors and window frames, ledges, picture rails and light fittings among plenty of other surfaces.
  • Specialist Canteen Clean (We use a non toxic and food safe cleaning product).
  • Deep clean toilets to full height, including scrubbing and descaling as necessary.
  • Get your carpets cleaned (including stripping & sealing wooden floors).

So, if your in the throws of an epidemic, call us and you can expect:

  • Strong Local Supervision.
  • Effective Pro-Active Management.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Reduction in Costs.

We can also help in the smooth transition from local authority and can advise on the associated costs in this process.

For more information please call the office on 0121 693 15 03 or fill in the form below.