Keeping your school top of the class!

Arguably one of the toughest public areas to keep super clean is a school.  What’s really involved in keeping your school, college or nursery a spotless and safe environment in which to educate children?  Classrooms, staff rooms, offices, corridors, toilets & sports halls – schools have many areas that can be used by hundreds of people a day.

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3 Time-Saving Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Cleaning Service

At the end of the day… tidying isn’t your job! With plenty of professional contract cleaners to choose from, there’s really no excuse for wasting your precious time on cleaning.

Professional cleaning services can save you both time and money, both of which are equally important when it comes to running a successful business.

But, can you ensure maximum time and money is saved with the help of your chosen cleaning service? And, do you trust them enough to lean on them when you need to focus your time elsewhere?

Our latest post includes 3 recommendations on how you can get the best out of your chosen contract cleaner to save you time…

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The Minimum Wage Vs the Real Living Wage

Explaining UK wage rates shouldn’t be so complex, and yet seeing as there is a lot of confusion between the different rates of pay, we’re here to offer some clarity…
There’s the Minimum Wage, the National Living Wage, and the Real Living Wage. Two of these wage rates are statutory and one is voluntary, but do you know which is which?
And, what does the current rate of UK pay mean for businesses going forward? Find out more about the differences between the different wage rates here in our latest post…

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5 Cleaning Services Only a Commercial Cleaning Company Can Fulfil

When it comes to cleaning a commercial site, it’s not simply a case of wiping a few desks and running the hoover round… hygiene is essential.
This means cleaning shouldn’t be merely a last minute concern, but more of a well thought-out amenity.
And what better way to manage the cleaning of your premises, be it a school, office or industrial setting, then by hiring a professional cleaning provider.
Here, we discuss the 5 types of cleaning that only a commercial cleaning company can carry out successfully…

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3 Ways to Prevent Infection in the Workplace

According to statistics desktops, computer keyboards and telephone receivers are more heavily contaminated with germs than the average workplace toilet seat.

The average office toilet seat has only 49 germs per square inch, yet desktops have a staggering 21,000 germs per square inch, whilst phones have more than 25,000 germs per square inch.

With so many germs at your fingertips, it’s worth consider the best way to banish such harmful bacteria, particularly with the winter months fast approaching. Read our latest post to find out how…

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How to eradicate Norovirus from your School

The winter vomiting bug ‘The Norovirus’ is back!  This common sickness & diarrhoea virus is very infectious resulting in Primary Schools closing as a result. Naturally, everyone wants to protect their pupils from exposure to germs and bacteria which can easily put a child’s health at risk. A Clean School is important for staff, pupils and parents as it creates a comfortable, hygienic environment for learning. It also creates a good impression for visitors and allows pupils to take pride in their environment.

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Success with Karcher

Astrum Services have just been awarded the new Karcher Head Office in Banbury. Insight have been contracted to do the daily office cleaning, provision of all consumables, and the initial builders clean. Steve Towler, the BDM responsible for the sale, said “it was a great day for Insight, and a mutually beneficial relationship is on the cards.”

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