We go the extra mile to ensure a future for tomorrow


Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We utilise this concept in all of our strategic thinking and in our day-to-day management of the business. Not just complying with our legal obligations and accreditations, but more importantly running the company in line with our social obligations.

Among the initiatives to make our business more sustainable is the introduction of the ‘Tersano’ magic water system. We offer this to our new customers who are interested in reducing the amount of chemicals used in cleaning.

Corporate Social Responsibility


In line with our Company Values we like to give our staff the opportunity and time to help those less fortunate than ourselves. There are several things that we enjoy doing.

We are a proud supporter of the Poppy Appeal. In association with the Royal British Legion, we raise funds for this very worthy cause. Our staff man a collection point at Asda in Redditch in November, and we also raise funds throughout the year through placement of collection boxes at some of our major sites. In 2016, we raised £5,000 for Poppy Appeal and in 2017 we collected a whopping £7,000+. We welcome help from our customers; if you’re interested in providing support, please speak to Finnian Brown at our Head Office on 0121 693 1503.

How else have we helped?

We run an annual charity garden fete, in aid of a nominated charity. Each year this event raises about £2,000. This is planned and run by our hardworking team at the Birmingham office. If you’d like to attend this year, please speak to Marianne Barber.

Both Directors of Astrum are mentors for The Prince’s Trust. As a mentor each Director helps to coach underprivileged young individuals, who have started a small business. This work is rewarding and offers these youngsters an opportunity to work with an experienced businessman, who otherwise may have not been accessible to them.

What makes us different?

Customer First
It’s all about building the relationship. We invest the time in our customers to fully understand your needs.
Quality Service
Every person in the business is responsible for providing a service that is responsive, hassle free and professional.
Our People
The business is only as good as the people we employ. We want the best people, properly trained, well supported and fully appreciated.
Pursue Excellence
We expect ourselves to achieve excellence in all we do. And we always seek to improve.

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Gender Pay Gap Results

Positive values mean that typically or overall, female employees have lower pay or bonuses than male employee.

Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay 0.9
Median gender pay gap in hourly pay 0.0
Mean bonus gender pay gap 0.0
Median bonus gender pay gap 0.0
Proportion males receiving bonus 0.0
Proportion females receiving bonus 0.0
Males Females
Upper income quartile % (1) 25.9 74.1
Upper Middle income quartile % (2) 29.6 70.4
Lower Middle income quartile % (3) 25.0 75.0
Lower income quartile % (4) 30.8 69.2
Number of Full Pay relevant males 120
Number of Full Pay relevant females 311
For every £1 the median man earns, the median woman earns £1.00